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From discussing insights and finding out what you need to know about blue chip ASX 100 and emerging small caps in the ASX 200 and ASX 300, to finding hidden gems among microcap and penny stocks, ShareShack facilitates quality discussion helping you to improve the performance of your shares on the ASX.

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"ShareShack is an incredibly useful tool. The site has not only enabled me to test my views in an informed and collaborative environment but has also exposed me to a significant number of companies which I would not have otherwise encountered. If you invest or are interested in companies listed on the ASX, I strongly recommend that you join ShareShack."
Nick Skapetis, ASX investor
"ShareShack is a great source of information, particularly for seasoned campaigners who are time poor and need to readily access quality discussion on the share market. Glad to have joined and delighted with the content, help and info. Keep up the good work!"
Roy Menachemson, ASX investor
"Shareshack is a great place to connect with like-minded people on both trading and investing ideas. It’s a friendly site which is easy to navigate and I can choose the people I connect with based on their profile information so I’m only seeing information on stocks & investment ideas that I’m interested in."
Luke Sampson, ASX investor
"What I truly love about this site compared to others is the fact that it is easy to see who is presenting the information – REAL PEOPLE, not some strange character over the internet whose background you have no idea about – someone just like you, with a passion for investing, or trading the markets. I also love the fact you are able to choose who you wish to follow. It really just couldn’t be simpler!"
Steven Haas, ASX investor