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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in November 24
Oil down more than 7% overnight to $50. Has fallen 30% in 7 weeks! Is this a sign that the world economy is slowing, or that supply is too high??

Whatever the reasons, it’s very helpful to airline stocks like Qantas and Air New Zealand. Hopefully my Qantas shares will go up!
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in November 12
As an existing shareholder, it was pleasing to see the recent announcements from Air New Zealand regarding its Airpoints program, the award of a contract by the United States Navy for the overhaul of 12 of its gas turbines and the partnership with Zephyr Airworks. Whilst it is important for a company to focus on its core business, I believe that companies should pursue opportunities to apply the expertise gained in the conduct of their core business to generate new revenue streams.

The September quarter appears to have been a positive one for Air New Zealand with the passenger load factor increasing compared to the prior corresponding period notwithstanding a 4.2% increase in capacity.
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in March 16
I have held a stake in Air New Zealand for a few years now and would be interested to hear your views on the future direction of the oil (and therefore the jet fuel) price. The reduction in total hedged volume as a percentage of estimated consumption (70% for FY18H2 vs 81% for FY17H2) suggests to me that the company believes that the price will stabilise....Show more