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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in January 04
Retailers have taken a beating this week after Kathmandu KMD issued a profit downgrade on Thursday. Although they are starting to look quite cheap based on historical earnings yields, I’d be expecting the forecast earnings expectations for some of these companies to be wound back as we move into the half yearly reporting period. The technical picture reinforces this view with a number of the major retailers breaking below long term support in recent weeks with JBH leading by example this week as shown in the chart below. I view any short term bounce in retail stocks as an opportunity to sell....Show more
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in November 23
JBH has popped onto my radar recently as it has traded toward the bottom end of a 2 year trading range. Retail is certainly not the flavour or the month and JBH has been no exception. JBH recently traded as high as $26 back in early Sept and has since fallen rapidly to test that channel support level near $22. A bit of volume has come into the stock over the past few weeks to lift it back above $23 but it is worth keeping an eye on for a potential long entry on any short term pullback like we saw earlier this week. There is risk below $22 and if we were to see a weekly close below that level it would be time to exit as the probability of it heading lower increases from there.
Fundamentally, JBH is fairly valued on a PE of 11.5X forecast earnings and the earnings outlook is fairly flat for the next 2 years at $2.04/share. The dividend yield is currently 5.7% with a payout ratio around 65%. The company has a healthy balance sheet and strong cashflow which has enabled them to easily pay down and manage debt levels post the good guys acquisition. Management are well regarded and have demonstrated a good track record of earnings growth and financial discipline. HVN on the other hand are the main competitor and with the way uncle Gerry has been managing their finances in recent years, it is not even worth considering as an alternative investment option over JBH. I don’t currently hold any JBH but I do spend plenty of money in their stores!
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in May 03

Here is my analysis. The stock is not on a weekly down trend. Lower highs and lower lows.

There is a fair price area for shorts at$25.30 for a target at $22.50. There is a high probability that it would get down to $17.50 of a Greater Buy entry. for the time being, I'd short.
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Today's smackdown in JB Hi-Fi (JBH) on high volume presents an interesting opportunity to keep an eye on, depending on where the share price goes (see attached chart). Today's share price formed a range between the high of $23.89 and the low of $23.06. Should the share price close below $23.06, it is more likely that the share price will head towards previous support at $21.64. However, should the share price close above $23.89, it is more likely that the share price will head towards the newly formed resistance at $24.95. Any trades opened can effectively be 'hedged' with stop-losses on the other side of today's trading range - for example, should the share price continue to fall tomorrow and hit $23.00, a short sell could be entered with a stop-loss exit placed at $23.90 or above (i.e.: above the high of today's trading range)....Show more
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in May 02
JB HiFi getting hammered at the moment off trading update which forecasts lower profit in FY 18 than the market was expecting.

They've attributed this to a weak performance by the Good Guys due to bad weather and price competition.

The reality I suspect is that less people are visiting shopping malls and more people are buying JB HiFi products on-line.

The question, like all the other retailers that have been hammered, is at what point, if ever does it become a buy?
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https://www.livewiremarkets.com/wires/15-stocks-to-watch-after-reporting-season...Show more