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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in September 24
Lynas currently down almost 22% because of media speculation that the ongoing operation of its Malaysian based materials processing plant will be re-assessed by the new Malaysian government. In my view, a fall of this magnitude is an over reaction and I’d expect a bounce. Just got to be able to pick when to get in for a short term trade......a bit like trying to catch a wave 😜.
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in August 06
Great announcement today from Lynas of a 60% increase in its Mt Weld ore reserves. I’m currently holding this in my super fund.
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in July 26
I’ve been finding the market a bit boring over the last couple of days. Nothing that really jumps out. Was good to see Lynas move strongly back up to $2.40 from falling as low as $2.07 only a week ago.

Would appreciate anyone provide their view on the Lynas chart.....
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in May 11
If you don't mind volatility, and are eager to make a rare earth play, Lynas Corp (LYC) has had quite a good run for quite a while recently and is worth consideration from a technical perspective. It might be losing a bit of puff though, so keep your stops fairly tight. This gap-down from yesterday actually provides quite a nice chart formation for an entry point that traders will pay attention too, especially with a volume spike.

- Chart formation - long tail on daily chart following gap down - traders love seeing this (esp. with volume)
- Patience - wait for a trade at $2.76 or higher before entry - this will confirm recovery from gap down (think twice if the stock gaps up too strongly at the open though, unless you're prepared for more risk)
- Discount - obtaining stock at this entry point is a 6.8% discount to recent high of $2.96
- $2.60 support from 2013/14 is still intact
- Chaikin Money Flow indicator is still positive after yesterday's gap down
- 30 day moving average is still intact

- Short term indicators (MACD, oscillator, relative strength) are weakened and are 'losing a bit of puff', but to be expected due to yesterday's gap down, so be mindful and keep stops close

RECOMMENDED STOP LOSSES (place your decision point behind these areas):
- Most conservative - $2.60 (based upon previous support formed back in 2013/14)
- Moderate - $2.52 (based upon the low from yesterday's gap down)
- Most relaxed - $2.36 (based upon the turning point from 6th April 2018)
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in May 10
Lynas down 8% at the moment.

Only thing I can think of that could be causing this is Mahathir Mohamad's party winning a shock election in Malaysia, which is where Lynas' rare earths processing facility is.

Mahathir's running mate, Anwar Ibrahim was in charge of the opposition before Lynas' processing plant was built and vowed to shut it down back then because of environmental concerns.

However, the plant has since been built and I believe operating in compliance with environmental rules.

Ironically Mahathir was the leader back then and had Anwar thrown in jail for trumped up charges of sodomy. Crazy how things change that they are now in an alliance with one another!

I think the reaction in Lynas' share price could be a good buying opportunity... but will be cautious to learn all the facts before jumping in.

Following article I found in Seeking Alpha- only written yesterday, has got me very tempted:
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in March 05
Interested in peoples views on rare earths. Lynas reported its first ever profitable half today and has excellent share price growth (up double) over the past year. According to this article in Motley Fool, US President Donald’s Trump’s administration is looking to Australia to break China’s domination in the rare earths sphere, with the US Office of Interior speculating rare earths demand will reach “critical” levels in the not-too-distant future.
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