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WHC is starting to look attractive once again as it drifts closer to $4 again. Their latest half year report looked quite solid to me and they are in very good shape financially with net debt reducing to ~$250M; cashflow up 5% to $463M; EPS up 20% to $0.30/share despite lower production and increased capex for the half year. Both thermal & met coal pricing remains strong and WHC have a development pipeline that will take annual production from 21MTPA to over 35MTPA over the next 7 years. Whitehaven are committed to returning surplus cash to shareholders via dividends and this was reflected in the latest half with a 20 cent dividend declared which follows the 27 cent dividend received during the prior half year period. This puts WHC on a dividend yield of +10% (unfranked) and if coal prices remain around current levels then I see no reason why this yield cannot be maintained. Technically, WHC is nearing long term support around $4 and whilever the share price remains at or above that level there is no reason to be bearish on this stock whilever that trendline remains intact. I re-entered WHC on Friday at $4.30 and will continue to add down to $4 if WHC trades lower in coming weeks. Risk is below $4....Show more
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I’m a holder of Whitehaven Coal. I thought they delivered a great result today. On track to deliver a record profit for the year, very lowly geared and generating heaps of cash that’s underpinned a special dividens. The big BUT is that the share price finished almost 7% lower for the day!!! Reasons outlined in article below. I used the opportunity to top up.

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I am very bullish on a lot of the mid and large cap mining stocks at present simply due to the good health of their balance sheets and low forward earnings multiples. RIO, FMG, S32, WHC, RRL and CRN are all trading on modest PE’s with modest to no net debt levels and generating very strong cashflows. The whole trade war debate is potentially negative for commodities but despite all that concern, prices have held up reasonable well. We are also in a significantly weaker AUD/USD environment which adds further value to these mining companies and the dividends they are likely to payout. Most of these companies are also diverting capital to share buybacks at present which is a smart move in my opinion and a better move than overcapitalising on acquisitions and development with so much political instability happening around the world right now....Show more
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I’ve been keeping an eye on a couple of coal stocks lately and one that really appeals to me at the moment is Whitehave Coal (WHC). The company operates a number of coal mines around Narrabri & Gunnedah and has recently acquired a project from RIO in the Bowen basin. WHC currently produces 20Mtpa of a mixture of thermal and metallurgical coal and is aiming to double that production number over the next 10 years.
Fundamentally, they are very sound with net profits of $525M in FY18 (current PE of 8) which was up from $405M the previous year. Gearing is low at 7% with net debt currently at $270M which is down from over $1B a few years ago. Free cashflow was very strong last year with $593M available after providing for capex of $153M. Total dividends of $0.40/share were paid out in FY18 and this is forecast to increase another 20% in FY19 putting them on a current dividend yield ~10%.
Coal prices have been very strong this year which provides for strong profit margins from established producers like WHC. Their avg realised coal price for the most recent Sept quarter was A$161/t and the avg unit cost of production for FY18 was only A$62/t which provides WHC a nice buffer against any pullback in coal prices going forward.
Technically, WHC have had a good run after bottoming out around $0.50 back in early 2016 and then rising to a high of around $6 at the start of July this year. They have recently pulled back near $4 which should act as a decent support level as indicated on the weekly chart below. Even though the recent decline has been significant, WHC remains in a positive longer term trend. I don’t currently hold WHC shares but did trade it for a nice bounce early last week. I am overweight in CRN though which is a newly listed coal producer with similar fundamental value to WHC.
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in November 18
Hi there, my first post (again - previous seems to have disappeared for some reason). After having taken a small position in SOL and watching it's spectacular rise, I am now looking at buying some WHC shares during recent weakness. This is part of my coal thesis that earnings will be strong for existing miners because of increase in demand and restrictions on supply. Any other thoughts?...Show more
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in June 24
Here's the list of volume spike trades of interest in today's scan (for trading day ending 22-Jun-2018):


I suspect that we're seeing an increase in the size of this list as we approach the end of the financial year and a lot of institutions are cleaning up their books (thus, increased volume in the markets overall).

Personal disclosure - I already have a short position in WHC open (previously discussed in this forum) - position previously opened on the basis of a volume spike on 15-Jun-2018 - lower high and lower low formed on daily chart since - we'll see if the trend continues this week.
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ShareShack user name hidden until logged in June 17
A huge list of candidates, with some big names within, from the volume spike scan from Friday's trade to present today (for trading day ending 15-Jun-2018) - enjoy!!:


Personal disclosure - No direct positions thus far in these companies.
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